Wooden Floor Restoration, Repair & Installation

Welcome to Scallywags Floor Restoration.

By using only the best and tested products, that have low or minimal  VOC’s  (volatile organic compounds) we can restore your wooden floors or original floorboard, whether badly damaged, with boards missing , or just covered in the scars of time,  to a floor that looks like its been cherished since it was laid, maintaining a safe environment for pets and children. Our no-sanding techniques also mean that there is no nasty dust or mess to clean up,  meaning we can be in and out, and you can use the floor the very next day.

We can tackle any job, from large, industrial scale flooring or resurfacing, to repairing that scratch on your hallway floor. As a company we have decades of experience in restoration, from hand stripping and restoring antique furniture, to bespoke work and flooring, including new and reclaimed parquet installations  and perhaps uniquely fiberglass roofs, wet-rooms and DJ stages  As a company, which has evolved from Boat-building carpentry and furniture restoration roots we pride ourselves in high standards and imaginative solutions and wide ranging skills.

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