About Us


About me really, I went straight to the merchant navy from school.  Living at sea for months at a time working with the bosun and engineers, keeping those hulks afloat left me with many practical skills.  The four month trips left me longing for a normal job and eventually I left, taking over a children’s clothes shop called Scallywags in 1984. I kept the name and it stuck.  I bought, found and scrounged interesting things, mostly wooden furniture to restore and re-sell. Enjoying more the stuff I found in skips or at the tip which demanded more attention, that stuff on auction which needed little.

When asked by a customer if I “did floors” I said, “of course” thinking it was probably like doing lots of tabletops and I priced it accordingly (still do actually).  That floor is still going strong, Some 16 years last time I checked. I’d varnished it then waxed it, something I rarely do these days, and the customer has since bought a buffing machine and re waxes every spring. Wooden floors are not a low maintenance, virtually indestructible solution. They need a little love and thought….like a nice coffee table.

I eventually moved out of the shop to a workshop and did mostly paint stripping by hand, caustic dipping of doors and furniture, floors and general carpentry. Then I decided I missed the ocean so I sold the house , bought a yacht, and went sailing for three years.

The boat sold straight away when I got back, I got a job in a Christchurch boat-yard under the shipwright where I worked learning traditional and modern boat-building methods for eight years, occasionally restoring floors as word of mouth gradually established a web of customers for me. Lee at Imaginitivity built me a website, the fore-runner of this one and two or three years ago , when I could no longer give both enterprises my full attention, I let go the boatyard.

Taking with me laminating and fiber-glassing experience as well,  I’ve installed several new fiberglass roofs on sheds, flat-roofs, pitch roofs, lobby’s and extensions (photos on previous work page}

Whilst my first love is carpentry and working with wooden floors I’ve built a wet-room in a space that didn’t have the room for a shower cubicle, running a drain from the centre of the floor and plumbing a mixer shower above it. A new floor for a pub toilet which previously was tiled and constantly smelling,  a water tight floor, working it 30cm up the wall, so it could be easily cleaned. A DJ stage for Bert Bernell a local music promoter and pioneer of live music in Bournemouth, I heard he wanted a stage which looked like an American school bus, crashed into a building, I made it in three parts, fitted lenses for led lighting and plumbed the bumper so that the twin exhausts billowed smoke…..